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Youth Empowerment Month Kick-off

Asalaam Alaikum, here is the first post on the official M.Y.A Instagram page. This past Sunday at our mosque we had an event to kickoff the month of May, which is Youth Empowerment Month. During this month, we will be focusing on bettering our leadership skills, rising above negative stereotypes, and encouraging our brothers and sisters.

To kick this month off, we had a wonderful guest speaker, Sister Faridah Oluyedi. She is a doctor from New Jersey. She talked about her journey through school, how she is perceived in her work field, and encouraged us to do better and to reach our goals. Alhamdlillah, this day went well and helped us kick off this month right.

Inshallah, this month will go successfully and fulfilled with knowledge for our community. May Allah bless our community with many more months.

Asalaam Alaikum.

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