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Ramadan 2017 Student Lecture Section

Asalam Alaykum. Every Saturday during Ramadan, we gather together as a Nigerian Muslim community for a lecture, Iftar and prayer. One of these lectures were given by two of our very own MYA members: Gafar Amuda & Mariam Adewale. They spoke to the community about the story of Salman Farsi and the struggle non-Muslims go through to truly be a part of this religion. We learned that we should not be nonchalant when it comes to our religion, but we should be always look for ways to improve ourselves and the community.

They encouraged us to constantly search for the truth and look for ways to get closer to our Lord and Creator. We are very proud of the hard work these students put in t make this day a success. we were not perfect, but Insha Allah this is only the beginning. We pray that Allah (SWT) continue to bless us and make it possible for us to grow as an organization.

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