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MYA Second Annual Camping Trip

Assalamualaikum parents, and supporters,

MYA took a trip to Nerstrand Big Wood State Park from July 27th - July 29th to participate in our second annual camping. The group of 32 and 4 adults left for the park around 5:00 pm from our masjid and began our hour and a half ride to Nerstrand. This trip was for the kids and the adults to learn more about themselves and learn to enjoy the beauty of nature that Allah has bestowed upon us in this Ummah with little to no distractions.

After the hour drive alhamdulillah we arrived at the camp and after a little complication we got our campgrounds, the kids were split up into groups and started on setting up their respective tents. After dinner provided by two of our mothers, prayer was made later that night and the kids got to know each other better sitting around a bonfire asking and answering questions before we are reserved to get some shut-eye.

The next morning after fajr we were deprived of the plans for the day and everyone was sent back to their tents to get some extra sleep before breakfast. For breakfast, there were different options from scrambled eggs made by our very own Br Sulaiman to cereal each kid had their fill before we started the agenda for the day. In the afternoon the group took a trip to the nearby popular waterfall and even though there was a false advertisement on the camping website, the kids seemed to have tons of fun staring at one of the wonders of Allah. this went off for the second day we were there as well.

Over the course of the 3 days, the kids seemed to have gotten closer and have come to appreciate life as it is. They also gave feedback on pluses and deltas of what went good and what didn’t. Overall the trip was a success alhamdulillah, and we thank Almighty Allah for granting us a safe journey and we hope he allows us to see the next camping trip insha'Allah.

Big thank you to our parent volunteers for dedicating their time to feed and educate the future of our community. Jazakallah Khair may Allah SAW blesses and rewards them abundantly.

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