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Islamophobia Discussion

Asalaam Alaikum. For the second week of Y.E.M, we had a discussion about Islamophobia. We didn't just discuss Islamophobia, but we talked about the pronunciation of our names and experiences we had being Muslim. We shared stories where we experienced positive or negative feedback from being Muslim and we also talked about terrorism.

We then discussed how we can rise from the stereotypes of being Muslims and how we can encourage our community to get away from the negative stereotypes. Now here are some words from our M.Y.A. President, Sister Aisha Adedayo: "It's funny how people say Islamophobia doesn't exist, yet the same people want to shut us down whenever we want to be ourselves.

We continue to be the scapegoats for every terrorist related attack that happens and have to constantly deal with situations of mistreatment and oppression. And that is why it is important to talk about these things, to know that we are not alone. And this is part of what Youth Empowerment is all about." I am very proud of our group. We had a very successful discussion and shared a lot of ideas. May Allah bless our community with knowledge, many other successful discussions, and many years to come for this community.

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