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Chalk Talk

Asalaam Alaikum. 2 weeks ago was the end of Y.E.M. To end it well, we had a huge #chalktalk. First, we had stations with different articles, videos, and political cartoons. Then, we all came together as a guy and discussed what we learned. At the end, we were given a prompt. We had to answer that prompt with chalk and black paper. We all learned different things from being proactive and productive, to being a better Muslim.

Some people also learned how the media portrays Islam and examples of Islamophobia. Even though we learned different things, we all left the room with the same lesson, how to encourage, achieve, and empower. We learned how to encourage ourselves and others, how to achieve a goal for ourselves, and how to empower ourselves and others. Alhamdulilah that this month has been successful and we all left the month with new a knowledge of something. May Allah bless us with more knowledge.

May Allah make a good future for M.Y.A and make us have another successful month. What's next for M.Y.A? Well, wait for the next post and find out.

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